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Intersectant Network is a company that provides complete 360 advertising solutions for businesses in Asia and globally. From ad spaces in universities to major airports, we are ready to provide our clients with the appropriate advice, expert solutions and relevant tools.

What makes us distinct from others is our determination to work with our clients, rather than work for our clients. We seek to determine their needs, and offer a strategy that is rooted in their business, not just technology. We analyze your industry, brainstorm ideas and offer expert advice that would give our clients the competitive edge whenever and wherever they need it. We strive to be efficient, and in being so, do our best for our clients’ strategies to be effective. We offer not just service, but answers.

Our core services:

Our comprehensive suite of professional services caters to a diverse clientele, ranging from small business owners to multinational companies.

Digital Out-of-Home Marketing Campaigns

We are experts in developing highly impactful media displayed in high density public spaces. It also represents one of the biggest opportunities for advertisers to connect with their audiences. Outdoor advertising are not like online or digital ads, which can be trained to ignore. 

 Strategic Planning

We help companies successfully run marketing campaigns by developing marketing strategies to meet its strategic goals and objectives of the organization. With the understanding of the different perspective of your business, we can bring our expertise to help you create an effective strategy to take your business to another level.

 Creative Digital Branding

Even the best system wouldn’t be fully utilized without an effective marketing strategy. We use every source available to make sure your business is referenced and seen by as many people as possible. We even coordinate your online and offline promotion strategies.


In many cases, clients have significant investment in their corporate systems. Intersectant develop applications that publish customized information to your customers and suppliers, enhancing customer loyalty by providing immediate access to accurate information.

Worldwide Media Buying

Intersectant own prominent advertising sites in transportation hubs all across Asia & Europe since 1997

  • Intersectant, a sister company of Advertising.My, is based in Melbourne Australia and with office in Kuala Lumpur. Our team comprised of IT consultants and creative talents dedicated to developing innovative marketing solutions. We work in close collaboration with our clients to effectively position your organisation at the top of your market segment, and explore both short-term and long-term solutions.
  • Above all, Intersectant offers a personal service, which responds to our clients’ individual needs. Our client base is Worldwide and 100% customer satisfaction is our No.1 objective.

“Intersectant Served as a Reliable Partner”

We had to ensure we reached the target audiences at the right time with content and creatives that resonate to our audience. The numbers
were dynamic, updated constantly and fed to our department accordingly.

James Ting

CEO, Sharp Asia

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